Video: Friday’s skate in Frisco

Here’s some video from Friday morning’s skate in Frisco. There was nobody new on the ice today. More guys should be back in town next week. Tyler Seguin is supposed to be back late next week, possibly Friday.

Alex Chiasson, who was on the ice earlier this week, hasn’t been at the skates the past few days. He’s been at the NHL/NHLPA Rookie Orientation Program. He and Brenden Dillon were the two Stars to attend the event, which will be an annual deal. has a video explaining the program here.

Today’s video from Frisco is about 10 minutes long. Formers Stars captain Brenden Morrow was back out there and was having a good time. Didn’t get a chance to talk to him though.

15 Responses to “Video: Friday’s skate in Frisco”

  1. Is that Peverley in the white Bruin practice jersey?

    • No, that’s NY Rangers defenseman Aaron Johnson. He’s a former Bruin, signed with the Rangers this summer. I believe his wife is from around here, so he’s been skating with the Stars players in Frisco until he heads to Rangers camp.

  2. Morrow couldn’t find an old Stars practice jersey? He has to wear a pens one. Man I hope we didn’t burn down that bridge…

    • Don’t think it has anything to do with him spurning the stars, if it had he wouldn’t be playing with them. Probably more of him not wanting to disrespect the Pens by wearing a Stars jersey while still having negotiations. Also, probably wouldn’t go back to stars cause he is still wanting a top 6 position.

    • Why would you want Morrow to wear a stars jersey? That would be disgusting. His time is over.

      • Morrow would be great as a 3rd liner/pk specialist, just not gonna happen

      • PK specialist? You can’t be serious. Morrow rarely played the PK the last few years and he is the furthest thing from a specialist. Morrow is part of the old-core that missed the playoffs the last 5 years.. he isn’t coming back.

  3. It like seeing Nichushkin skating everyday. Looks like he’s fitting in nicely.

  4. Anyone know why seguin is showing up so much later than many of the younger guys?

  5. Mark – Are the practice sessions open to the public?

  6. Mark – thanks for posting these videos. It is certainly appreciated. If I lived closer to Frisco, I’d try to get out to some of these. But its fun to be able to still see what’s going on in the off-season until we get around to the start of the preseason.


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