Quotable: Jamie Benn on the Stars’ new look, the offseason and moving forward

Here are some quotes from Jamie Benn, who chatted with the media following the Dallas Stars unveiling their new logo and jerseys earlier this week.

General thoughts on the new uniforms

“Look good, feel good, play good, right?”

On if he had any involvement in the design

“No, not me personally. Mike Modano was obviously the one guy who had an opinion in there. But I think they look great. They’re sharp and it’s an honor putting on a new jersey.”

On if having recognizable branding is a big part of how an organization works

“Yeah, I think so. You look at some of the other team’s jerseys, the Red Wings, Maple Leafs, when you look they stand out and I think this one does the same.”

On there not being a whole lot of jerseys like the new one in the league

“It’s pretty unique. Like we talked about, it was a different color. It’s our own color, Victory Green. I think it’s going to look sharp out there on the ice.”

On how the players have responded to the changes this off-season

“I guess really we just keep going about our business. We have to keep working hard, work harder. We have a job to do this summer, to be ready for next year. We’ve got to get back in the playoffs and into Stanley Cup contention. It’s going to be a big summer for everybody on this team.”

On if the players have responded to Jim Nill’s call to treat every day in the off-season like a working day

“I think so, yeah so far. I’ve been out in Frisco training so far and there’s eight or nine of us out there training. I’m sure the guys back home are doing it too, working hard. Maybe I’ll have to shoot them a text and make sure they are.”

On if they’re looking forward to a new coach

“It’s exciting I guess. We’re not sure who it’s going to be. There’s obviously some pretty big name coaches out there who could get the job here, so I’m looking forward to finding out who it is. But I’m not sure when it’s going to happen.”

 On if he’s spent much time in Fort Worth, where the Stars will hold training camp

“It’s big for us to branch out there. Me personally, I haven’t been out there too many times, but I have been out there. It’s really western I guess, country. I’ve actually maybe went to a place there and did a little two-stepping myself. We won’t say where but I tried it. It’s going to be fun to have camp out there.”

On what qualities the new coach will need to have

“The biggest thing is accountability. I think it falls on the players too. We’ve got to hold ourselves accountable, but our coach is going to probably be a veteran guy I would think, one with a lot of experience and knows the game really well.”

On if he’s watched the playoffs and thoughts on what it will take for the Stars to get there

“I’ve watched a few games and we still have work to do to play at the level of the four teams that are playing right now. Obviously they are there for a reason. Chicago, Pittsburgh, Boston and LA are the last four Stanley Cup champions and they know how to win. We have to find a way to get there.”

On if the Stars built some momentum at the end of last season

“For sure. Obviously at the deadline we made some deals, brought in some younger guys. I think we took off as a team and played a lot better hockey. We were a lot younger, excited to play. I think we are going in the right direction.”

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