Quotable: Tom Gaglardi talks Valeri Nichushkin, seeing new uniforms in game

I had a chance to talk briefly with Stars owner Tom Gaglardi during one of the intermissions of Sunday’s game between the Stars and Wild at the NHL Prospect Tournament in Traverse City, Michigan. Here are a few quotes.

On the tournament, which he is watching for the first time

“I think it’s great. I’ve heard great things about it. It’s a neat part of the country. It’s a nice way to get back into the spirit of hockey. There are eight teams here and eight staffs here. It’s nice to see the guys after a long summer, play a little golf during the day and the games are in the afternoon and night. It’s a really great program.”

On getting a chance to see Dallas prospects in this environment

“It’s the right way to see them and to see where they are at against their peer group. We don’t get to see them like this very often. It’s neat to see the kids we’ve drafted the last couple years and to put a face to the name and to see them play against great competition. It’s the way to evaluate them, put them in a game situation.”

On Stars prospect Valeri Nichushkin, the 10th overall pick in the 2013 NHL Draft

“Very impressed. Very impressed. He competes hard. He’s a high skilled guy and he’s an elite player. The thing that sticks out to me is I think this is a kid that is capable of playing in the NHL right away.”

On getting to see the Stars’ new uniforms worn in a game

“I think they are a 10 out of 10. I am really thrilled with them. Unfortunately, we didn’t get to wear our greens this trip, but maybe we will Monday. The whites are beautiful, the logo stands out. I am really, really happy because you never really know until you see them on a full team, on the ice and in a game. We never really got a chance to do that, but I am really thrilled with them.”

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  1. Agree on the uniforms and Nichushkin. Both looking very, very sharp.


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