Jamie Benn on Hockey News’ list of top 50 players

Dallas Stars forward Jamie Benn has made The Hockey News’ list of the top 50 players in the NHL for the second straight year.

THN released the list in its 2013-14 Yearbook, which came out in digital form this week. Benn was the lone Dallas Star on the list.

Benn, who was ranked 38th last year by THN, came in at 40th this year. THN said Benn should get a boost this season with the move back to left wing.

“The acquisition of Tyler Seguin will allow the Stars to move Benn back to his natural position where he’s more comfortable and productive.”

Benn ranked sixth among NHL left wings. Those ranked ahead of him were Edmonton’s Taylor Hall (20), Detroit’s Henrik Zetterberg (26), Minnesota’s Zach Parise (29), Boston’s Milan Lucic (37) and Buffalo’s Thomas Vanek (39).

Here’s a look at the top 10 NHL players according to The Hockey News:

  1. Sidney Crosby, C,  Pittsburgh
  2. Alex Ovechkin, RW,  Washington
  3. Steven Stamkos, C, Tampa Bay
  4. Erik Karlsson, D, Ottawa
  5. John Tavares, C, NY Islanders
  6. Jonathan Toews, C,  Chicago
  7. Evgeni Malkin, C, Pittsburgh
  8. Patrick Kane, RW, Chicago
  9. Patrice Bergeron, C, Boston
  10. Drew Doughty, D, Los Angeles

5 Responses to “Jamie Benn on Hockey News’ list of top 50 players”

  1. So says The Hockey News. In Rob Vollman’s new book ‘Hockey Abstract’, he cites Benn as the best ‘do-it-all’ LW in the game today.

  2. No love for Robidas? You could have mentioned he was ranked fourth among “do-it-all” defensemen. Just saying.

    • You’re absolutely right- his inclusion there, alongside names like Weber and Seidenberg, was very surprising, at least to me, especially because I guess I always kinda thought he was overrated. Shows what I know.

  3. I’m really surprised that Tavares and Karlsson rank that high – they’re good, but they’re not better than Malkin, Toews, and Kane.

  4. BUT NOT in The top 48 CANADIAN? YEA Right!


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