Quotable: Shawn Horcoff talks coming to Dallas, playing for Lindy Ruff & wearing No. 10

Here are few quotes from Dallas Stars center Shawn Horcoff from today’s press conference and the small group media scrum that followed.

On what it’s like being in Dallas after spending his entire career in Edmonton

“I’m really excited. This is my first time going through it. I spent 13 years in Edmonton. For me, it was time for a change. I think the biggest thing for me in deciding is I have a lot of belief in him (Jim Nill), the fact that he is going to do the moves necessary to bring winning back here, to get in the playoffs and to get all the ingredients in order for us to do that. That really appealed to me. Everyone knows it is a great city to live in and to play, but the biggest thing is we want to get back to winning here. “

On how long he knew the trade was going to happen

“I knew at the end of the year. I met with (Oilers GM Craig MacTavish) right off the bat and I think it was really a mutual decision. I think the team was kind of going in a different direction and so was I. I thanked them for everything they had done for me, but really felt at this point in my career I had lots of good hockey and better hockey left in me. The last two years I am not happy how my game has been. I am really focused this summer in coming in and proving that I can be the type of player that I can, which is solid two-way player who can bring offense and play in a lot of situations and also try to shore up the defensive side of the game. I am really looking forward to the opportunity what I can do.”

On having played with young players in Edmonton and has he learned anything that will help in Dallas

“Unfortunately, I am really comfortable with that. (Laughter). Top, top, top-end young players. I do. All these guys that come into the league, they’ve been very successful anywhere they’ve gone, they’ve faced very little adversity. The biggest thing the young guys need to realize is that the best players in the league are the hardest working players in the league. It’s not that we’re saying don’t have fun. It’s quite the opposite. I am a big believer in having fun in the game of hockey. I think that makes you a better player, but you have to be professional. You have to do everything it takes both on and off the ice in order to be a player who can play 82 games. The best players are the guys that bring their game every single night, find ways to produce and find ways to help their team win every single night. It’s such a physical game that it takes effort, it takes being in the gym and eating properly. That stuff can be learned really quickly.”

On Dallas so far

“We got into Dallas yesterday, they set us up with a rental car and my wife and I drove around the area a little bit. She’s never been here before. We’ve got to find a place to live, schools for the kids. We’ll focus on that the next couple days.”

On if waiving his no-trade clause was a family discussion

“My wife said she was going to kind of leave it up to me, but I think any smart husband realizes the right decision is to really run it through her. For her, it was the first choice. She is American, first off. We’ve lived in Edmonton and braved the winters for a while now and it’s going to be nice to have some nice weather and some sun. It’s a great place to live. The school system down here is outstanding. Both my kids are involved in all sorts of different sports, and that is available down here all year round. There are a lot of things that appeal to us. We’re ecstatic about getting down here and getting started.”

On Stars coach Lindy Ruff, whom he played under at the World Championship

“I think those tournaments are different than how you would coach during an NHL season, but I know with Lindy, he wants intensity, he’s going to want commitment and he’s the type of coach that I am going to enjoy playing for. I know as we get to September we’ll have meetings about what he wants from me and what he is going to want as a coach from us going forward.”

On wearing No. 10 with the Stars, the number that was worn by long-time Star and captain Brenden Morrow

“When they called me and said 10 is available and do you want it, I said it’s the only number I’ve worn except for my first year when I had to wear 36. When I first came into the league they gave you a number and you had to earn the right to choose your own. I’ve got a lot of respect for Brenden, I’ve played with him in World Championships before. We’re both in the same situation where we were both with the same organization for so long and it was time for another direction, a change. I’m aware of the significance of the number, and I’ll do anything I can to keep that significance going.”

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