Quotable: Lindy Ruff

Here are some quotes from new Dallas Stars head coach Lindy Ruff, who was introduced at a press conference this afternoon at American Airlines Center.

On if he can admit it was a goal in the ’99 Finals after 14 years
 “How did I know that was going to be the first question? Again, it’s a long time ago. I said to Jim [Nill] when I first agreed to meet with him, I’ll meet with you but we can’t meet in the crease. I’ve had some great memories. I’ve gotten past that. I’m a coach. I want to coach and I think this is an unbelievable opportunity. It all worked out great for Dallas. It didn’t work out so good for us (Buffalo) back then. I can tell you one thing, that same emotion and same passion will be here in Dallas if the same type of thing happens or anything similar because that’s the fire I have and that’s what you can look forward to. And I think that I was young at the time, emotional. I let it all hang out. I still have a lot of emotion when it comes to coaching and back then, I think you saw it too.”
On making the transition to a new organization
“No, I’ve really had seven months to think about it. Coached at the World Championships this year and just realized how much I miss the game. When you coach for that number of years and in the same place, the exciting part for me is in talking to a lot of other coaches, from former coaches here to coaches that have gone from organization to organization how it revitalized them, energized them. I’m excited about the personnel here that I’m working with. I’m excited about the ownership. I’m excited about working with Jim [Nill] and all his experiences that he had in Detroit. It was just a real good fit. Do I have questions? Sure, I’ve got questions. It’s my first kick at going through this. I called one coach and he just said to me, I’ll send you the manual. I’ve had a couple times. I think there is so right or wrong way.”
On what it takes to stay in a place as long as he was in Buffalo
“I think an adaptability because the team changed. I’ve been through almost every type of circumstance, from being bankrupt, being run by the league, a defensive team, a top offensive team for a couple years, a President’s Trophy team. So there’s an adaptability there. I think first and foremost, it’ll be a relationship that Jim and I have that we create and the relationship with the management team and ownership of being all on the same page and that leads to stability.”
On what the hallmarks of his team are
 “Well again, I think I mentioned the adaptability. I’ve had different teams. I’ve had teams that were good defensively. I’ve had teams that have been top offensive teams. I think some of it is based a little bit on personnel. Probably the one thing is trying to set the bar high enough and hold the players accountable to get them to a certain place where you can have success but knowing that it’s always in reach. The type of style that we’ve played has always been, it’s been a real hard, up-tempo game. There’s a lot of energy inside of it.”
On if he has been through things as difficult as this current rebuilding process
“I believe so. I shared the story when we went into bankruptcy we lost some good players. One of the players is here today, Stu Barnes. We lost him through that process but I can still remember the day we were going to let him go. He tried to cut me a deal to stay but that didn’t work. That was almost like yesterday, but it was tough. I think when you’ve gone through all that, you’ve lived in a lot of situations you’ve had to adapt around. You’ve had to try to play a certain style that could bring you some success and for the most part, had a lot of success up there.”

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