Nill: Vigneault’s decision to pass on Dallas ‘just part of the process’

Former Vancouver Canucks coach Alain Vigneault has pulled his name out of contention for the head coaching job in Dallas, but Stars GM Jim Nill said he isn’t looking at Vigneault’s decision as a setback.

“No, it’s par for the course,” Nill said Saturday morning. “Everybody knows there are quite a few names out there and they all have different opportunities. People have to make decisions. That’s just part of the process.”

Vigneault, who withdrew from consideration for the Dallas job on Friday, reportedly is close to becoming the next head coach of the New York Rangers, according to reports from  ESPN New York, the New York Post and others.

With Vigneault out of the mix, Nill said he’ll continue with the process he started a month ago when he dismissed Glen Gulutzan as head coach of the Stars.

“We have a long list of coaches and you just keep going through the process,” said Nill, who won’t discuss the specifics of the search including names. “It’s been a large number of coaches and it’s been a great process. It’s been interesting to sit down with them all and listen to their different ideas and philosophies, players they like and they don’t like. It’s been a good process.”

And Nill said he’ll remain patient. Although he’s indicated getting a coach in place by the draft (June 30) or free agency (July 5) would be ideal, he won’t be rushed into finding the right fit for the Stars’ next bench boss.

“You’d like to get it done by the draft or free agency,” Nill said, “but if the right person isn’t available I’m not going to let a date dictate us picking a coach.”

3 Responses to “Nill: Vigneault’s decision to pass on Dallas ‘just part of the process’”

  1. Not completely unexpected. Vigneault would seem to favor the “fish bowl” media markets like Montreal, Vancouver and New York. Some guys just like the limelight. Nothing wrong with that. He probably would have been an ill fit in Dallas because of that.

    • I’m not surprised either. Let’s be honest, the Rangers are ready to contend right now and the Stars aren’t. If you were Vigneault where would you go? It’s not like he’s looking for his first NHL coaching job. He’s probably the top guy on the market and he went to the better team. Maybe the story will be be different in a few years, but he might not want to wait a few years.

  2. Would rather see someone new anyway. Do we really want another rejected coach, like Lindy Ruff? As bad as the 2 years of Mark Crawford. And face it Gully was not given the best situation to win. Love Newy but, do not understand some of his trades. Get a good young coach and give him players AND the time to make a winning team. Let’s not start a revolving door of coaches. And, yes, we need some changes, but let’s not give away good players for more draft picks. Remember there is a good crop in the minors. Do not trade them away for some “Superstar”. 1 player will not help if you have nothing to back him up. Oh, yeah! Bring back Brendon Morrow. Not a better warrior out there.


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