Stars get another first round pick after Boston heads to conference finals

The Dallas Stars will now have two first round picks in this summer’s NHL Draft thanks to that trade that sent Jaromir Jagr to the Boston Bruins.

The Stars acquired prospects Lane MacDermid and Cody Payne in the deal along with a conditional second round pick in 2013, which would turn into a first round pick if the Bruins won two rounds in this year’s playoffs. Well, the Bruins did that Saturday night, defeating the New York Rangers to advance to the Eastern Conference Finals where they’ll take on the Pittsburgh Penguins.

The Stars have the 10th overall selection in the first round of the draft. The pick from Boston will fall somewhere between the 27th and 30th overall. Exactly where will depend on how the Bruins fare in the rest of the playoffs.

The Stars have ten picks in this year’s draft, including an extra second pick they acquired in the deal that sent Derek Roy to the Vancouver Canucks.

Here’s a look at the picks.

Round Picks
1st Dallas (10th overall) + Boston (Jaromir Jagr trade)
2nd Dallas + Vancouver (Derek Roy trade)
3rd Edmonton (Mark Fistric trade)
4th Dallas
5th Dallas + Pittsburgh (Brenden Morrow trade)
6th Dallas
7th Los Angeles

3 Responses to “Stars get another first round pick after Boston heads to conference finals”

  1. Daang look at all that good work Joe did before he got the boot. Obviously we had to get Jim Nill, but you have to admit Joe did one hell of job for our future.

    • The Boston deal was the only good one. He tossed our captain, gave away fistric, we should have never gotten Roy, Ott was better for us. He didnt resign Modano…. And most importantly the Neal/Niskinan for Goligoski deal

      • I have to disagree with you a bit here, Brandon. The Boston deal turned OK/Good once this pick became a 1st. Selling Morrow was the right move, and a good return. I actually feel it may be a slam dunk. Fistric for a 3rd was a bit better than market. I think his value was more like a 5th, but we needed that depth and did not replace it well. Anytime you get, what was supposed to be, a 1st or 2nd line center for a grinder it is a win. getting Pardy;s 2 mil off of the books was icing on the cake. Ray was OK, here, but also netted us Connauton and a 2nd in a very deep draft. Ott is a very good 3rd liner, but dont fall in love with your own cards. Not signing Modano was, unfortunately, absolutely the correct move. I agree that the Neal/Niskanen for Goli was not a good deal. However, James Neal would NEVER have produced like he is now in Dallas. no way. He absolutely requires a top flight Center to feed him pucks. He is a complementary player, IMO. Unfortunately, Goligoski has not been able to play consistent, good hockey. He can score points, which is his primary objective, but his D is absolutely terrible. also, for a guy that can move the puck well offensively, his first pass, at times, is atrocious.


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