Quotable: Stars owner Tom Gaglardi on Jim Nill and Joe Nieuwendyk

Here are few quotes from Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi on his decision to dismiss Joe Nieuwendyk as GM and bring in Detroit assistant GM Jim Nill as the new General Manager of the Stars.

On the decision to dismiss Nieuwendyk

“We didn’t have enough success. The franchise has missed the playoffs five years in a row now and I don’t want to miss them anymore. I think you have to make a decision with the leadership and what gives you the best chance to get back to the playoffs and I think that is it in a nutshell.”

On Jim Nill

“I think it is more so about the opportunity to get Jim Nill than it is about Joe. Once I realized that Jim Nill was prepared to come to Dallas and I think you can go to what is probably the most successful franchise in the National Hockey League – 22 consecutive NHL playoff appearances and four Stanley Cups over that tenure – and we have a chance to get one of the key guys from there, I think that is too good an opportunity to pass up. I think Jim is going to be able to give our organization some fresh thinking and the best opportunity to get better.”

On Joe Nieuwendyk

“I think Joe is a class act. He served the franchise very well, presided over some very difficult periods and without a doubt left the organization in better shape than it was when he arrived. I think we are on the brink of great things. I think Joe deserves a lot of credit for how well we are set up with our prospects. I want to take the opportunity to thank Joe for all his efforts. He is a Dallas Star first and foremost and he will always be a Dallas Star. I told him today he will always be welcome in our house and to be a part of this franchise, albeit in a different capacity. He’s a friend, he’s a Dallas Star and I appreciate all the hard work.”

On the decisions about the coaching staff, hockey operations staff

“I’ve done my job and Jim Nill is going to hit the ground running tomorrow. Those are decisions he’ll be making over the next while.”

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