Playoff race: April 24

The Dallas Stars’ playoff chances took a huge hit with Tuesday’s loss in San Jose. The last thing they needed was to get no points out that game and that’s what they did.

They are three points behind No. 8 Columbus and both teams have two games left. They trail No. 9 Detroit by two points and the Red Wings still have a game in hand.

There are still a lot of scenarios that can happen out there because of the NHL’s points-based system and the number of games that could affect the outcome, but let’s look at the race in in somewhat simple form today, see what Detroit does tonight and go into more detail later.

If the Stars win their final two games against Columbus and Detroit they will max out at 52 points.

If that happens, they have to hope Columbus collects one point or fewer in its final two games. If the Blue Jackets, who currently have 51 points, earn one point and end up with 52 the Stars would win the first tiebreaker, which is regulation/overtime wins.

As for the Red Wings, the Stars would have to hope that the Red Wings get two points or fewer in their final three games. The Red Wings currently have 50 points and a maximum of two with give them 52 and the Stars should take the tiebreaker.

To look at it another way, if Columbus gets two points or more in its final two games the Stars are done.

If Detroit gets three points or more in its final three games the Stars are done.

Minnesota won last night to reach 53 points, so the Stars can’t catch the Wild.

Tonight’s games

Detroit hosts Los Angeles. The best case for the Stars is for Detroit to lose in regulation. The fewer points Detroit gets the better. The Stars are out if Detroit gets three points over its final three games. A win by Detroit reduces that number to one. The Stars need some help from the Kings.

Phoenix hosts San Jose. The Coyotes are still in the race, but could be eliminated tonight.

Playoff chances

The Stars’ playoff chances dropped significantly after last night’s loss. Their chances are 4.8 percent, according to puts their chances at 6.6 percent in its Playoff Probabilities Report.

Rank Team GP W L OT Pts ROW Diff Yesterday Today
8 Columbus 46 22 17 7 51 17 -3    
9 Detroit 45 21 16 8 50 19 +1   vs. LAK
10 Dallas 46 22 20 4 48 20 -7 @ SJS, L 3-2  
11 Phoenix 45 19 18 8 46 15 -8    

Remaining schedules

Here are the remaining schedules for the teams ranked 8th through 11th in the Western Conference.

Team (8) CBJ (9) DET (10) DAL (11) PHX
Points 51 50 48 46
ROW 17 19 20 15
GR 2 3 2 3
Home 1 2 2 2
Away 1 1 0 1
4/24   vs. LAK   vs. SJS
4/25 @ DAL vs. NSH vs. CBJ  
4/26       vs. COL
4/27 vs. NSH @  DAL vs. DET @ ANA

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  1. The team is playing harder and together, Is this because the coach has been given more freedom to do it his way or the opposite? In this years draft, who will be the first pick and is he a franchise changing player (i.e. Crosby)?


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