Sunday Quotes: Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi

Here are some quotes from Dallas Stars owner Tom Gaglardi, who attended the team’s practice in Farmers Branch on Sunday.

On if he was considering any changes to the organization at this time


If patience is something he believes in


His assessment of Saturday night’s game

“I don’t know that we’ve been playing the right way for a few games now. I think we got lucky to win some games, and some games we played very well. Certainly our lack of discipline and carelessness with the puck really was exposed last night, and a good team made us pay and really embarrassed us in our own building.

“I’ve been around the game my whole life, I’ve been involved in a difficult turnaround with my junior team and you have some awful dark days, dark periods. I think there are times where patience is required. Often, if you stick with things, when you come out of them you look back at times like that and say thank goodness I was patient. I think it is up to management to try to figure out how to get playing the way we know we can play, and we’ve got a good chunk of the season left to do that.”

On if he is optimistic the team can make the playoffs

“I want to see us play better. I am not going to be looking at the standings. I want us to play good hockey. I think if we make the playoffs, we make the playoffs and if we don’t, we don’t. We’ll deal with either scenario. Right now, it’s more about how we are playing and who on our team are the guys that we are going to continue to build around. We want to make sure our plan is still intact, and I think it is. I heard the term wake-up call after the game last night, maybe that is part of it. I think we need to play a better game.”

On if the hockey management infrastructure he has put in place has helped this weekend

“It’s a patient group with a lot of experience. Joe (Nieuwendyk) has a lot of wisdom, wiser than his years. He’s a very patient guy. I think Bob Gainey might be the epitome of it as well. I actually watched the game with Bob yesterday, and we had some conversations. It’s always nice to hear perspective from someone who has been around the game that long. I think we are singing from the same songbook, we see things the same way. If the way we have been playing lately continues through the season then we have a problem. I think we have to get this turned around. I am all focused on how we are going to play and the standings will take care of themselves.”

On if there will be no changes with the GM or coaching staff over the final 21 games

“I don’t think we gain anything by making dramatic changes right now. I think it is important to measure what we’ve got and we need a good period of time to do that. I don’t think there is anything to be gained by doing anything like that. Nothing has been discussed like that, and frankly it is not on my mind at all from where I sit. Maybe in a game or two our management feels differently about it, but from my perspective it is about being patient.

“I was pretty happy with our team a couple weeks ago. I thought we were on the verge of getting better and then we went worse. In Canada, I was looking at a poll and the media ranked us the ninth best team in the league, and then we beat L.A. and that after that we haven’t played very well. It is what it is. It’s a bad stretch for us.  I think it’s incumbent on the guys to get it turned around, the coaches and the players. “

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