Quotable: Joe Nieuwendyk on Erik Cole-Michael Ryder trade

Here’s a quote from Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk on the trade that sent Michael Ryder and a third round pick to Montreal for forward Erik Cole.

“We start to think about our team, our players and our pending UFAs and our plan of attack, and with Michael becoming a UFA after this season, this opportunity with Erik Cole presented itself. It’s a deal that makes sense for us because (Cole) has a little more size and strength to compete in the West. He’s a big guy with experience who has a lot of power to his game. The fact that he has this year plus two years remaining on his contract is a little security for us.”

One Response to “Quotable: Joe Nieuwendyk on Erik Cole-Michael Ryder trade”

  1. Joe – 3 notes: 1) Great job getting scoring depth and some speed for this year. 2) PLEASE GET US AN A GAMER DEFENSEMAN!!! That’s the trade we need!! 3) Put the C on Jamie NOW! He took it when he fought Thorton last night. Make it official!


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