Quotable: Gulutzan on the final two minutes of Thursday’s game

The last two minutes of Thursday’s 4-3 loss to Vancouver was frustrating as the Canucks played keep away with the puck and ran out the clock while on a power play. Stars coach Glen Gulutzan was asked about the final two minutes of the game after Friday’s practice. Here’s what he had to say when asked if he had seen anything like that before.

“I have seen situations where power plays have controlled it on the penalty kill, but not for that long,” Gulutzan said. “We were yelling, we had to get out of structure at probably the minute mark and swarm and force and give up a chance to get the puck. They get ingrained in what they do, and you saw the skill level of the other team. They stayed five around and just moved it. And they can move it quite well. We needed to take a chance somewhere. … We need to take a chance.”

One Response to “Quotable: Gulutzan on the final two minutes of Thursday’s game”

  1. I was yelling too Gully


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