Stars-Canucks: Postgame quotes

Here are some postgame quotes following the Dallas Stars 4-3 loss to the Vancouver Canucks Thursday night at American Airlines Center.

Stars coach Glen Gulutzan on the effort

“I thought we cleaned up a lot (of the issues from the Calgary game). You look at the shots against. They came in here rested. We cleaned up some things, but we just didn’t get the result. I liked the way our guys worked and competed. The young guys competed hard, the old guys competed hard. Brenden Morrow was banging around out there and got a big goal for us. There are a lot of positives,  but the result is negative.”

Gulutzan on goaltender Cristopher Nilstorp

“He made some good saves. I think there was one there that he would have played a little differently, but he gave us a chance.  I thought he was OK.”

Gulutzan on the power play, which was 0-5

“I don’t think we generated enough shots and some movement there. I think we can simplify a little bit.”

Stars goaltender Cristopher Nilstorp on the game

“I think we played a really good game. The guys battled hard. This is a game where you deserved points, but this is hockey and sometimes you play well but you don’t get the points, and this is one of those games. It’s kind of frustrating.”

Nilstorp on his performance

“It was a bad goal, that second one. Everyone could see that. But you have to move on and focus on the next shot. You always try to do your best and give your team a chance to win. Today we lost, so it kind of sucks.”

Stars captain Brenden Morrow on the third period

“Hockey’s momentum, it changes from shift to shift and you just try and build on it. We gave up a couple goals, but we knew two’s a tough lead to have. So we kept working we may get some breaks. We got one and we took a couple penalties. It’s tough to create anything when you’re short.”

Morrow on the power play

“I think any power play that’s not working you’ve just got to keep it simple. We’re putting a lot of work into our breakout, thinking of plays we can do, low plays. All successful power plays are getting the pucks to the point, getting shots to the net. We’re just standing around looking for plays instead of shooting pucks at the net and creating things off of rebound in my opinion.”

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  1. seriously didn’t anyone ask them about the last 2 minutes of epic fail in hockey


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