Stars-Flames: Glen Gulutzan postgame quotes

Here are some postgame quotes from Dallas Stars coach Glen Gulutzan following the Dallas Stars’ 7-4 loss at Calgary Wednesday night.

Stars coach Glen Gulutzan on what needed to be better

“Our compete level at the start, that’s for sure. We were soft. We were soft in the beginning, soft with our sticks, soft with our plays. We weren’t ready. I thought they played a solid game, but I didn’t think they came guns a blazing. I thought we were just soft.”

“You can’t get down 3-0 in another’s team’s barn on a back-to-back, give them two power plays and get down. You just can’t do that. You can’t win that way.”

Gulutzan on any positives in the game

“Not many. We had 30 shots.”

If the Stars’ problem in the second games of back-to-backs is mental

“It must be something. It must be something with this group because we can’t seem to fight our way out of it. We’ve tried different routines and the whole bit — it must be mental.”

On the play of goaltender Richard Bachman

“He’s certainly had better nights, but we didn’t give him any help. We didn’t give him any help at all. Point blank shots. We limited the shots, but when they are all point blank what is your goalie going to do?”

2 Responses to “Stars-Flames: Glen Gulutzan postgame quotes”

  1. I agree Stars were holding back, but from the looks of the start Richard Backman was a bit unsteady and late every time on the 2 man pass game till the 3rd period which he rocked like the Rock of Ages to the second coming of the Stars 2nd Cup. Stars still have a problem with getting to the open spaces and maintain the open space. Stars up their game the last 5 minutes in the 3rd but the spacing and no man to point out in front of Irving to worry about…Irving had it easy with nobody to bother him near the crease.

  2. Who asks about positives after a game like this?


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