Stephane Robidas vs. Corey Perry: Video and quotes

Here is video of last night’s fight between Stars defenseman Stephane Robidas and Ducks forward Corey Perry.  Below the video are some postgame quotes on the fight, what led up to it and the aftermath.

There’s some history between Robidas and Perry. Robidas hit Perry in a game last season, and Ducks coach Bruce Boudreau was not to happy, saying: “That Robidas guy does it every game. He gets away with murder all the time. And then he says well, `I didn’t try to or didn’t mean to.’ It’s not good enough.”

Well, Boudreau was not happy after Friday’s game, and once again Robidas was a central figure. Boudreau was upset that there was no call on Robidas on that incident right off the faceoff, and that Ducks forward Brad Staubitz was given a major penalty and a game misconduct for spearing Stars defenseman Brenden Dillon a short time later (video below).

“It wasn’t a penalty,” Boudreau said of the playing involving Staubitz and Dillon. “What do you want me to say? Good refs have bad games. Like good hockey players have bad games, good refs have bad games.

“(Staubitz) didn’t do anything. A spear as far as I know is when you take the butt of the stick or the blade of the stick and stick it in somebody’s gut. It hit him three-quarters of the way up the shaft. A spear, if you’re going to do that then Robidas got a spear on Perry and nothing was called.”

Perry, for his part, claimed he was speared.

“Oh yeah, when he sticks his stick out, pulls it, I don’t know what you call that,” Perry said. “It’s spearing to me.”

Robidas said after the game that the issue of whether it was a spear or not a spear was among the topics being discussed as he and Perry jawed at each in the penalty box.

“He was asking why I speared him, and I said I didn’t spear you,” Robidas said. “He just like went down.”

Robidas then went into further detail about what happened during that faceoff.

“He asked me to go and I said, ‘Let’s go.’ … If you want to go, let’s drop it. He didn’t want to drop it,” said Robidas. “I gave him a shot and he went down like …. and they are all like, ‘Oh my gosh, that is unbelievable.’ I didn’t do anything. He’s the one that came after me. I didn’t go after him.”

Robidas was asked after the game about the Ducks going after him in Friday’s game, and he pointed to game last season when he hit Perry.

“Last year, I hit Perry here and he hurt his shoulder. The funny thing is we played in Anaheim after that, and they didn’t do anything,” Robidas said. “If they want to focus on me, come on. That’s their game plan, I guess. It’s almost like you can’t touch the guy. It’s a game of physical contact. If you want to play hockey – it is going to happen once in a while – you are going to get hit.”

Here’s video of the Staubitz incident with Dillon from the Ducks broadcast.

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