Texas Stars entire roster could make stop at Dallas Stars training camp

One of the drawbacks of the upcoming short training camp for the Dallas Stars – and all other NHL teams – will be the lack of exhibition games. Dallas Stars GM Joe Nieuwendyk and his staff are looking for an alternative, and they think the Texas Stars can help.

The plan Nieuwendyk is considering is to bring the Texas Stars to Dallas after they wrap up their three games this weekend.  Texas plays in Cedar Park on Friday and Saturday and then in Oklahoma City on Sunday. After that, they don’t play again until Wednesday in Chicago.

“The one thing we are thinking about doing, and I think it will happen, is instead of them going onto Chicago, we’ll bring them into Dallas so we’ll have both teams there for a (joint) practice for one or two days,” Nieuwendyk said.

That would put the Texas Stars in Dallas on Monday and Tuesday, and set up the possibility for some scrimmage situations that would help offset the lack of exhibition games heading into the regular season.

“That’s the goal, that’s the idea,” said Nieuwendyk. “There’d be specialty teams and game-type situations. It also brings the whole group together, the entire organization.”

Stars talking to Benn

Nieuwendyk said the Stars are talking to forward Jamie Benn, who is a restricted free agent and still needs to sign a contract. But so far they are just general talks, because the team is still waiting to find out specifics of the new CBA, which also has to ratified before the Stars and Benn can complete a deal.

“We’ve reached out to Jamie and have had a lengthy conversation with his agent. That is obviously a big priority for us,” Nieuwendyk said. “The CBA has to be ratified (before a contract can be signed). We’re just having general discussions because we don’t know what the rules are yet.”

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  1. So Texas plays a 3-in-3 then two days of scrimmages in Dallas then a game against the Wolves. They should be nice and rested for the Chicago game….


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