Jamie Oleksiak gaining confidence in AHL

I wrote a story on Texas Stars defenseman Jamie Oleksiak for the Dallas Stars’ official site site. Here’s an excerpt:

Jamie Oleksiak’s first professional goal got a fair amount of attention, but there were other things he did in that particular game that caught the attention of his coaches. They were things that helped the big man make a big impact on the game for the Texas Stars.

“He won his one-on-one battles on the boards. He was hard to play against. He was a presence without the puck,” said Texas assistant coach Doug Lidster. “Those are the things that often don’t get recognized and so they often don’t get reinforced. Those are good things that he did and we have to continue to reinforce the things that he does without the puck to add that to his game. When he does that, I see him becoming a player that can basically control the game because of his physical skills.”

The rest of the story is here.

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